Bill's Basement

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Welcome down Bill's Basement

This is a place for guys who have met Bill for a little spanking. For guys living in or passing throught the Chicago/NW Indiana area. For guys who have been down the basement and been over Bill's lap or across the spanking horse or hanging from the ceiling or hung up on the St. Andrews cross. For guys who have felt Bill's hand across their rumps or have experienced the feel of some of his paddles and straps and other spanking toys. This is for guys who are interested in trading some swats.
Also for guys who have met Bill for some spanking on the road.

Or for guys who want a PaddleMePaddleYou experience.

Also for guys who want to share those experiences.

Contact me:


  1. I have been into spanking for many years. I want to be given a spanking by Bill. Totally naked like i am a bad little boy. And this is what i deserve. Hand, paddle, strap, cane, across my bare bottom till it is very dark red and welted. I need this,

  2. Send me an e-mail to arrange for a meeting.