Bill's Basement

Friday, September 23, 2016

Underwear fetish

This panty thing is getting out of hand.  It's the curse of the pantyman.  The basement used to be all about spanking.  Paddling mostly.  Then some guys would arrive in jockstraps or sexy undies.  Then some were wearing leather.  And some wanted to be diapered.  And then the Pantyman arrived.  Or was it Chicago John?  Panties have been around for quite a while.  Amazing how many guys are willing to spice up their spankings with some pretty panties. 

Steve and CoolSexy were meeting down the basement today because they had a weekend away planned together.  Way down the Interstate way out in the corn fields.  Steve had it all planned.  Did he say fishing?  Maybe fisting.  Since they were meeting at Bill's,  they figured they had to have a little spanking send off.  But Bill got mail.  Actually Bill is addicted to  And it's surprising what all you can buy on  The  mailman would never guess. So four new panties.  No,  not really panties,  rather some interesting jock straps.  The boys had to try them on.  Think they think they look good?  Didn't do much spanking.  

Monday, September 19, 2016

Pantyman painslut?

He been visited quite a lot.  Enjoying himself?  Well,  he says he's learned he has to take his share of pain so that he can get what he wants.  What do you think he wants?  Doesn't he like the pain?  Maybe he's learning to.  But he knows that Bill needs to "hurt" him.  Now he comes with suggestions with how I can do it.  He showed me a picture of some cock and balls all tortured with clothes pins and says he wants to try that.  Today he said he wants marks.  And I gave him some good marks.  And he also got some of what he really wants. 


Saturday, September 17, 2016

Beating up Vinnie

Not really.  He gets what he asks for.  Maybe once a month he and Pete show up down the basement.  They really just need the space.  They play well together.  This time they came in the afternoon,  so I let Steve know they were coming because Steve doesn't do mornings.  So Vinnie had Pete and Steve to beat on him.    Really don't need me.  Don't you think he takes it well?


Friday, September 16, 2016

Steve pretty in panties

Or is that Steve in pretty panties.  It's not the old basement anymore.  The Pantyman has inspired us and Bill's been shopping.  So Steve has got to try on all the new pretty panties.  Sometimes a little tricky to get into panties.  Then need to find a color coordinated implement to spank him with in each set of panties.  Great fun, right?


Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Panties, plugs and a little torture

Pantyman is not the only one who likes panties.  But he loves to show them off.  Been shopping on a bunch of pretty lady patties and even some pretty man panties.  Pull down the Pantyman's patties and spank his ass and plug his ass.  He loves his plug especially if they vibrate his ass.  And then just to show off,   get him into one of those interesting positions you find in those fetlife pictures you really love and torture his ass. 


Sunday, September 11, 2016

Drip drip drip

The boys are enjoying themselves in the shower.  Rub a dub dub.  Scrub scrub scrub.  Spank spank spank.  But there's a drip drip drip.  Turn off the shower and it keeps dripping.  Shower is down the basement with all those kinky spanking things about.  paddles and straps and chains and spanking benches and cross.  Need kink friend plumber to visit the basement  in Chicago/NW Indiana to help with the Drip Drip Drip.  Paying the normal rate and spanking if desired not required. 


Friday, September 9, 2016

Pantyman Stick your butt out

The pantyman loves the pictures.  He's looking to make a video. Show off his butt.  Stick out that butt. Tie up his cock and balls.  Pound that butt.  Looking good.