Bill's Basement

Bill's Basement
The basement is in Hammond Indiana, just across the Chicago Skyway. I am not a professional dom. There is no charge for visiting my basement. This is for fun. It's a hobby.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Gotta spank John


Chicago John comes out to visit.  He's got to get his spanking.  Who do you think is enjoying it more?

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Panty Buddies

Pantyman brought his buddy for his first visit down the basement.  Aren't they pretty together?  Lots of nice hand spanking and butt rubbing.  Lots of wiggles from our new visitor.  Lots of interesting positions,  tried a lot of our toys.  Think we may have a new recruit.


Sunday, February 12, 2017

Coming soon to my basement

JohnEdward is always bringing me things to make life down the basement more interesting.  One time I had mentioned that I would like a portable stocks,  and he said he could make me one.  A couple weeks ago he brought it,  and I tried it out.  Well, my neck fit in, but just.  Maybe my collar size is 15 1/2, maybe 16.  But it was tight.  I know other guys are bigger than me. He took it back and has been working on it.  This morning he brought it back.  Seemed to fit fine.  Now he has to refinish it.  So it's not quite ready.  But we tried it out a little.  Just to see how it works.


Friday, February 10, 2017

Steve's cam show

Have had two guys visiting the basement now who've broadcast their sessions on  When I first set up my profile there: thinking about Steve who has been picking up long distance fans for quite a while and loves making videos of his sessions.  He's a spanking star.    So Friday Tiger had told us he wasn't going to be able to join us as usual, so Steve decided it was time for a spanking cam show.  He had it planned out: some time on the spanking bench starting in short and hand spanking, then pulling down shorts and applying some paddles.  Moved over to being bound to the chains hanging from the rafters and used straps and the cat of 9 tails.  Then over to the cross where he felt a big heavy wooden paddle and the bull dick.  He asked for it.  Wanted to make a good show. 


We did collect an audience who made comments.  Little complicated to set things up with two lap tops running and moving around.  One for broadcasting the session and one for Steve to keep track of viewers comments.  Comments like: 

make it count them
don't think he likes that paddle
dont hold back sir administer them hard
wow, wish that was me
want my panty ass played with
i didnt hear "Sir", he needs a whipping for that
love to be spanked and have my hole toyed with
he needs to be figged to stop clenching
did he say PLEASE
any floggers?
how's that Steve?
he's starting to finally react
my cock is THROBBING
looks like he might need to be held still
come on sir make steve scream
chest down on table
very hot, makes me so horny
string him up then more
you like to be caned steve?
not bad but looks like he is trying to avoid swats
beautiful sir
looks like he is enjoying it a little
make him stick that but out more
arch your back steve
make him dance
nice coloring
good so far Steve?
he keeps wanting to turn, might as well give him his wish
yeah the back
give him 10 HARD
why? he ready to cum?
Sir, boy looking good Sir
good boy
thank you great show !!!
good work Bill
You should be naked to Bill

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Shrink wrap

This sub boy had visited the basement some time ago.  At that time he mentioned he thought it would be cool to try a vacuum bed.  And also that he's  not too much into spanking or pain.  So I thought maybe he'd be interested in having me wrap him in shrink wrap.  Another had given me a huge roll of shrink wrap.  Have to use it up.  Asked Steve if he like to help.  Of course,  after we had the boy all wrapped up then we had to figure out  what to do with him.  Maybe some floggers.  Maybe vibrators.   Maybe cut away at some of the part of the shrink wrap.  Yes, those parts.  And then play with the mean little wheel and the cups and that violet wand.  Maybe some e-stim.  Made for a very interesting session. 


Thursday, February 2, 2017

Pantyman picks his plug

Almost every morning I chat with Pantyman on Yahoo IM.  Usually he lets me know when he visits again he needs more.  More?  More attention to his ass.  Some spanking.  He likes spanking but mostly he likes butt plugs.  Bigger and better,  vibrating and more.  This time Chicago John was also visiting.  So Pantyman and Chicago John started out dressed in the pretty panties I selected for them.  And then they get spanked and paddled.  Not too hard.  Just play.  Strip off those panties.  And then Pantyman picks out a bunch of plugs he wants to feel.  And Chicago John helps me satisfy Pantyman. 


Friday, January 27, 2017

JohnEdward paddle his shorts

JohnEdwards is the greatests contributor to the basement.  He's always bringing me stuff to add to the fun down the basement!  Cute.  And the paddle to go with it.  So we had a pretty long session.  Shorts up and shorts down.  And the paddle well applied.  Lots of rubbing and hand spanking in between.