Bill's Basement

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Experiementing with VirginDad

 Been trying for a long time to get the VirginDad to visit the basement. Didn't realize that he had also been communicating with Steve. The VirginDad is a creative guy. Brought whole kit of his toys, mostly floggers and a very interesting bondage device. So we got both of them hanging up and torted their asses and cock and balls nicely.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Vinnie wiggling

Hard to plan.  Saturday you expect someone the visit the basement and you don't hear from them.  And then there's an IM from Vinnie and he and JohnWilliam plan on showing up.  They are always a joy.  They beat away on each other.  And enjoy it a lot.  And I get a hand in too.  Lots of wiggling. 


Saturday, August 20, 2016

A little torture for ImaLegMan

Second visit for fetlife guy,  ImaLegMan.   Still testing the waters.  Tells me he had a good experience last time.  Unexpected request to visit again.  Pleasant guy.  Willing to try being chained up and then what?  I up things a notch.  Chained up in the middle of the basement I have access to him front and back up and down.  His ass, his back, nipples, cock and balls all get lots of attention.  Lots of response.  Good experience this time?    Hope I didn't scare him away. 


Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Steve and ChiJohn harder in the new decor

Bill's been away for over a week.  And Steve's been sneaking down the basement and redecorating.  New paint job and moving some mirrors around.  What do you think?  And Bill rushes home know that ChiJohn would be there to greet him.  And we than reward Steve for all his work by spanking him HARDER.  That's what he asks for.  ChiJohn doesn't really like it harder.  But he does help some with a little naked mopping.  Nice to have a naked slave. 


Saturday, August 6, 2016

Mark wears himself out

A month ago we had the SB Mark CoolSexy party:

Bill just has the space.  But often others make arrangements as to how it is going to be used.  So SB Mark had arranged to meet with CoolSexy to give him a good spanking.  That's what Mark does.  He gives "good" spankings.  But he had also arranged to meet Need2botk down the basement to give him a punishment spanking for his misdeeds way back in high school.  More than just spanking.  Lecturing, shaving, standing in the corner, watching CoolSexy get spanked, jacking off,  and finally a very good spanking.  Need2botk always brings his own camera and has a whole scenario all planned out.  Just received his videos of his own spanking and his version of CoolSexy's spanking.  Nicely done.  The spanking and the video editing. 

SB Mark spanks CoolSexy
Need2botk's high school punishment

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Chi John swing sling thing

Always exciting when Chi John is back.  Needs to try out the new swing along with the sling that Steve donated to the basement.  Chi John has all kinds of theories about stability and how we need to attach the sling and the swing differently.  Don't care.  I just want to get some nice pictures of his ass with me whipping away on him. 


Thursday, July 28, 2016

No panties well plugged and spanked

Pantyman hasn't visited for quite a while.  Life got in the way.  But when he chat he always seems like he's eager to return.   His ass needs lots of attention.   So this time got him out of his clothes but no panties over the horse and warmed up his ass nicely.  Out for a little supper and then back up on the table, pillows with his ass propped way up.  And all of his favorites.  Anal hook, vibrator,  a couple plugs,  some nice spanking and paddling,  tied up his cock and balls,  and finally that nice vibrating butt plug that Chicago John picked up at IML.  Pantyman loves it.