Bill's Basement

Bill's Basement
The basement is in Hammond Indiana, just across the Chicago Skyway. I am not a professional dom. There is no charge for visiting my basement. This is for fun. It's a hobby.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Hello Kevin

Been chatting with Kevin on fetlife for a long time.  He's been pushing me off.  Finally said he come this morning.  But then he didn't confirm in advance as I expect.  But last minute said he was still interested.  And it happened.  Couldn't be happier.  Lots of fun.  He's not too much into spanking.  Not much experience.  But will to try new things.  Wants to have experiences.  And that's what he got.  A red ass.  Bound in the stocks and flogged.   Legs in the air spread with his ass totally tortured. Vibrators, e-stim, violet wand,  torture wheel.  Got him wiggling.  Seemed to enjoy himself.  Well, maybe.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Jackson how many times

My Asian visitor has been coming to the basement since 2013. Ten visits he says. From clear across the world. And each time he visits he wants to start with what he calls the Asian Classic, a review of all of his past spanking experience plus maybe some new ones added. Not all spanking. But some torture.

After traveling all that way and returning to the basement how many times Jackson meets Mick who was making his fourth visit in just a couple months. And his first visit where met anyone but Bill. But I can say that Mick and Jackson play well together. Chicago John was there to help me torment them in all kinds of positions and lots of naughty implements.

The second afternoon of Jackson's visit he joins Tiger and Steve who are always at hand on Friday afternoons. Chicago John is also in attendance. John shows off his rope skills and has Jackson beautifully bound and then he is abused from all directions. Everyone gets their hand in. After John unwraps him, Jackson wants to be bound to the cross with duct tape. Duct tape hurts when you pull it off, but binds you very well. Again he is beaten from all directions. Steve finds this very interesting and has to try it too. Jackson even gets a chance to do the beating.

Each time Jackson visits he adds to the original challenge he inherited from one of my other spanking friends years ago. The challenge always involves taking a large number of strikes with a variety of implements. At this point Jackson has upped the numbers to 175 with the leather paddle, 175 with the belt, 175 with the leather strap, 175 with the wooden paddle and 36 with the cane. He did it.

Jackson's boys got balls and all kinds of ways to create interesting scenes for producing videos of their spankings. Jackson's visit is winding down. Or winding up with Steve and Chicago John joining him all tied in a ball or tied around two balls and then well beaten. Then Jackson who is looking to have a complete experience wants to be bound to the table spanked and the bejeweled and waxed. Well waxed. Mostly interesting removing the wax. A mess to clean up.

You can torture me a little. I think that's what he said. Sunday morning. Jackson didn't have any visitors expected. Chicago John is hanging around, but he's not company. Take Jackson down to the basement, up on the table, locked in the pillory or is that a stocks? Not comfortable. He wants to be tortured. Lots of ways to do that. Some more fun than others.

Jackson visit is winding down. But his spanking activity is not slowing down. This afternoon he had Steve here. Both of them are show offs. They loves getting in interesting positions and then showing how much they can take. It was an interesting afternoon

My Asian visitor is ready to set off back across the big ocean.  His visit is over.  But before he leaves Jackson has to have one final experience.  Spanking inspired by his past experiences in the basement.  Keeping it interesting.  Throw in some bondage and interesting positions.  And one very sore ass. 

Saturday, November 4, 2017

VirginDad with his own toys

VirginDad is one of the most generous visitors down my basement.  He's always carrying new toys for us to experiment and torture us with.  Many an ass has been striped with a VirginDad flogger.  Often he shows up on a Saturday morning to play.  This time he was all by himself and we played with his toys.  We tortured his ass and cock and balls with floggers and paddles and cock cages just to delight him.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

John's back

Just two days ago John from IN/IL/MI  stopped by the basement on his way  up there.  He got lots of paddling strapping.  But he asked for it.  Then played some with e-stim punished.  Today he called and he's on his way home from way up there and said on the way he'd like to stop  for some more,  100 more with that mean rubber paddle he introduced me to.    So got him in the stocks, and gave it to him good.  He was making lots of noise.  And his butt was really red.  But then as he rubbed his butt,  he said he had more time, and since his cock wasn't caged as usual,  we could try some e-stim punishment on his cock.  Well he got it on his cock and balls and butt and a lot more. 

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Phantom-Chi returns

The Phantom has made many visits to the basement over many years with long gaps in between.   Been a long time since I'd seen him last.   More than a year he says.  Life gets in the way.   He's busy.  He's away a lot.  He doesn't like heavy paddling and strapping.  Mostly hand spanking,  lots of rubbing and squeezing and usually a happy ending.  He's fun to play with.  Seems to enjoy himself completely. 

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Having fun with John from IN/IL/MI

Been meeting John for many years.  And over many years he has lived in many places.  But when his visits his instructions to me are always the same.  I should have fun.  He expects it long, heavy and hard.  Most he takes what we used to call the challenge.  Now there are many variations on the challenge.  From now on when guys visit and ask for punishment this is the standard set of punishment strokes I give them.  100 with a leather paddle, 100 with the belt,  100 with the leather strap,  100 with a wooden paddle, 30 with the cane.  This is what John was to get.  But he brought him a nice new rubber strap/paddle.  So I substituted that for the cane.  Rubber is wicked.  Then after we were done.  John who looked really sore said he had more time and I could play some more if I had more interesting toys.  So we tried some e-stim pads on his ass.  And then the vibrator and the violet wand too.  John is very good at wiggles. 

Darman breaking him in

Darman has been a fan of mine on fetlife for some time.  Always letting me know that he finds my pictures and videos interesting.  His own pictures are very interesting.  He lives a long distance.  Tried to get together once before when he had some business in Chicago but that didn't work.  But last night he got off a plane at O'Hare,  got on a bus to NW Indiana and landed in Bill's basement.  Hit the shower, put on some pretty panties, and got the full treatment.  He asked for it.  Maybe got more than he was expecting.  But sure put on a good show.  Going to enjoy this video.