Bill's Basement

Bill's Basement
The basement is in Hammond Indiana, just across the Chicago Skyway. I am not a professional dom. There is no charge for visiting my basement. This is for fun. It's a hobby.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Connecting with the tman

After postponing for a long time on recon tman responded to my invite.  Guy with some experience.  Usually a top,  interested in bondage maybe not so much in spanking.  So the session in Bill's basement was somewhat adjusted. Tied him to the spanking horse, some spanking and what?  Then he wanted to try cross and wanted some experience with flogging.  Learned that I really like response.  Then on the table.  Get out all that electrical stuff   Even tried the new electric flogger and the new violet wand which isn't violet anymore.  Then looking for a happy ending but had a bad boy ending instead. 

Saturday, August 4, 2018

BDSMthonger finally

I talked to lots of guys on fetlife and other sites about visiting the basement.  Many promise that they will eventually make the trip.  Many have good excuses.  I spotted the BDSMthonger on fetlife many years ago.  Many pictures of him in his thongs with his butt sticking out just waiting for me to deal with him, right?  And long ago he promised that he would visit.  Well it happened.  Long trip for him down the Interstate across state lines.  He arrived in his thong.  Think I was going to let him keep that on long?  He brought lots of toys. And lots of experience.  And arrived on a Friday afternoon.   So he had lots of company.  Even CoolSexy arrived to greet him.  We had a party.  BDSMthonger fit in well.  Got his thonged butt and bare butt in every possible position.  And used every possible implement and my hand of course.  Lots of rubbing an squeezing.  Dealing with his butt was a joy.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

The real deal

Two weeks ago I had a guy whose profile called him a leatherman.  But yesterday it was the real deal.  He arrived on his bike in full leathers.  Boots and pants and harness and all all leather.  And the attitude to go with it.  He popped up on recon a recommendation from Craig.  Or I guess Craig was recommending me.  Mostly my real leatherman is into bondage and gear,  but had some flogging experience.   And looking for some e-stim and some good abuse.  His ass and cock and balls got the complete treatment.  Floggers and straps and my hand.  And all my e-stim toys.  And a happy ending. 

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Good Slave

You think Bill's got slaves?  This one lives way the other side of Chicago, contacted me on fetlife and wrote "i love to be tied and whipped im always up for a little torture i also liked the session where you have one or two guys tied to each other I would love to serve you asap i can go whenever you tell me i need a master i wanna be tied im into being gagged I just love not having control or say on whats next  "

Think I can do that?  Always up for new visitors.  If he wants to visit I'll try to give him what he wants.    Made and appointment,  he arrived,  got him in some pretty panties,  a gag and a hood.  And I tortured him.  What do you think?  He did have a happy ending.  And I got lots of response out of him. 

Friday, July 20, 2018

MI Leatherman returns with his Dom/Switch apprentice

Two years and four days ago the MI Leatherman visited the basement.   Apparently at that time he had little experience in the play the basement offers.  He was part of a group making a party at the time.  He tells me he was nervous but no real sign of that.  And in the mean time he's picked up some experience and has even picked a regular Dom  who lives in his neighborhood way across state lines  The Dom is really a switch and was going to visit the basement with our Leatherman  to get some experience himself.  So there is a lot of ass beating.  And spanking with some switches which the Leatherman needed to satisfy some online Dom he communicates with.  And then they each got to experience the new electric flogger.  Their response was mostly wiggles and giggles.  John and Steve who were also present were surprised at that.  Then finally Steve offered his ass for some punishment with every tool I own so the baby Dom could get some practice. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Ivan's back

Quite a few years ago Ivan was living and frequently traveling through the area.  And he spent a lot of time in the basement.  Got to meet a lot of the basement regulars.  He's really into leather.  Loves his straps and floggers.  Uses them heavy takes them heavy.  In the mean time he's moved far away,  but once in a while is in the area and has time to visit the basement.  So Monday he arrived, spent the night, let Steve know that Ivan's back and he showed up.  Steve had to show off all our new toys.  And Ivan always carries his leather things.  They go at it back and forth.  John tries to get in the mix but he quickly learned that Ivan and Steve play at a different level.  John stepped and Steve had to show off how he could handle the new electroflogger.  Steve was well bound to the table and I had figure out how to use the thing.  Then the finale with Ivan beating Steve with his toys and then Steve beating Ivan.  Stand back. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Nate out of the blue

Sometimes I'll talk to guys for long periods of time sometimes for years exchange dozen of long e-mails and then maybe they show. Often they don't. The reason is usually that it's too far and they're very busy. But yesterday I get one brief e-mail from Nate then another then another and one two three he arrives. He lives the other side of the country attending a meeting the other side of Chicago. Told me what time he could get here got a Lyft and ETA was to the minute. He's watched my videos and open to lots of play. Mostly hand spanking. Out of his clothes fast. Up on the horse redden his ass nicely. No marks please. Maybe some light paddles. Lots of butt squeezes, rub his cock and balls. He's enjoying himself. A little flogging in the stocks. Torture his cock and balls he says. He gets what he asked for. Maybe some e-stim. Up on the table hoisted up. He knew what to expect. He's watched my video. Lots of response to the e-stim. Wiggles and screams. And oh, that new electro-flogger. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Then some play with his cock. Happy ending.