Bill's Basement

Bill's Basement
The basement is in Hammond Indiana, just across the Chicago Skyway. I am not a professional dom. There is no charge for visiting my basement. This is for fun. It's a hobby.

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Celebrating Steve Volumes 1 + 2

How long has Steve been visiting the basement?  Since September 2008.  More than ten years.  And he is the most regular regular.  He's been down the basement hundreds of times.  Mostly he's been meeting with Tiger whom I've known even longer on Friday afternoons.  But Steve often shows up when others are visiting.  Sometimes he knows they are visiting before I do.  Steve is the most creative and versatile of all my visitors.  I've spanked him with more implements in more positions then anyone could imagine.  And he loves making videos of his activities and has thus attracted lots of fans.  So this is a collection of highlights from many of Steve's scenes.  It's just the first volume.  There will be more.  You get to see Steve in action.  He's a real spanking attraction.

Adding Volume 2.   We now have a complete (not really complete) compilation of Steve's videos from the past.  This is Steve's journey in the basement.  Lots of adventures.   All together an 85 minute collection of Steve's greatest hits. 

Thursday, March 19, 2020

MaryG so lovely

MaryG arrived again.  This time dressed so beautifully.  Lovely dress and those high heels.  She paraded about on the cat walk, did  little lap dance.  But the dress had to come off.  Oh such revealing undies.  Not hiding anything.  Had to make a video of her hanging up,  but obviously I was watching her more than the camera.  The video is all inside out.  Turned it off when I should have turned it on,  and on when it should be off.  So you only get a glimpse of her hanging up and chained up.  Finally lay her out on the table, plug her ass and play with her cock.  No happy ending.  So she must be rolled over and spanked.  Nice view. 

Chris finding pushing expanding limits

Third time Chris has visited  What you thinking we should do Chris.  Maybe some more impact play and some e-stim.  Ok.   And he likes to wear panties.  He gets to look over my toys and pick ten that I will apply to his pantied ass.  He chatty and a little wiggly.  Then I get to find some more toys to apply to his bare ass.  Then down on the floor in the pillory and try the electric flogger.  Doesn't like that.  And up on the table and he gets to play with e-stim.  Think he's having fun.  Oh, and a happy ending.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Vince can take it hard

And Bill can give it hard.  Some who view my videos remark that Bill's is too gentle in giving spankings.  But I give what guys need.  Vince has been visiting for years and he always takes it hard.  And he laughs the whole time.  A really good spirited guy. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Billy quick stop for a spank and wank

Billy lives a distance but when he's out on the highway near the basement he sends me a message on fetlife and he arrives in no time.  Texting and driving should be punished, right?  He's visited several times before.  Always wants to dress up.  Maybe doesn't like the spanking too much.  But this time he said he wanted to try some weights on his balls.  Got him chained up,  beat his ass a little,  no marks please.  Pulled off his jockstrap and tie up his cock and balls with those weights.  And tried vibrator after vibrator till we have a happy ending.  Needed a friendly hand and a friendly spanking to get that to happen. 

Monday, March 16, 2020

PJMoto finally

I contacted PJMoto a year ago on fetlife.  He sounded a little interested in visiting the basement,  but kept pushing me off.  Actually in the last week he was still pushing me off.  But this morning not as planned it happened.  He said he was available and he could make like now.  He arrives dressed all real pretty,  butt plugged and cock encased in a hard shell.  Planned to get him undressed pretty quick,  but the key for the cock cage was not at hand.  He said he didn't have much experience,  but he dealt very well with all the spanking and paddling and flogging.  And of course wanted to try the e-stim and all my other tortures.  But his cock remained protected which kept him from having a happy ending.  But we ended with a nice spanking. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

HowdyDont has a favorite paddle

HowdyDont shows up every once in a while.  Usually when he's working in the area.  He's a man who needs to be spanked.  Usually a day or two before arriving I get a message from him on fetlife saying "Bill, I need a paddling."  I've paddled his ass a lot.  He seems to like it.  Well, he needs it.  So for a half hour or so pick up one paddle after another and pound away on his ass.  He just takes it.  And says thank you.