Bill's Basement

Bill's Basement
The basement is in Hammond Indiana, just across the Chicago Skyway. I am not a professional dom. There is no charge for visiting my basement. This is for fun. It's a hobby.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Pantyman on

For your entertainment we did it.  Pantyman and I broadcast a session on .  A little bit of a challenge, arranging the laptop and pantyman's ass and the camera, setting up a new profile, ,  and then as we progress realizing that we had attracted an audience that kept growing and making comments and making requests to chat.  Bill's only got two hands and their busy with spanking.  And of course, it's more than spanking.  Have to pull down pantyman panties and then pull and push plugs in pantyman's butt.  The plugs got bigger and bigger.  Pantyman is not to be satisfied.  Great fun. 


Saturday, January 21, 2017

ChgoDad returned

Quite a while since ChgoDad's last visit.  Kept telling me it was a good experience.  Been a wait.  But this time he let me know that although he liked spanking and he got a lot of spanking,  he likes his cock and balls beating.  And he wanted to experience the pillory and being tied hand and foot to the ceiling.  And then let me know about his broadcasting on  And so we tried it.  Turned on my laptop and we broadcast ChgoDad being paddled and flogged and tortured on the cross on  and we had an audience.  Think I've got and idea? 


Monday, January 16, 2017

Chicago John for fun

Been a busy day down the basement.  Three visitors.  Hard ass.  And baby butt.  Then Chicago John just for fun.  Only John makes a little video. 


Saturday, January 14, 2017

John's punishment, play and pay back

This is a different John who's been visiting the basement for a very long time.  Off and on.  Moves around.  Lives a distance.  Always looking for heavy spankings.  Last time he visited a couple months ago he wanted 100 with my heaviest straps,  10 sets of 10.   Only after a warm up with 10 of my leather paddles . Well this time in advance he arranged to get 10 with wooden paddles. 10 sets of  10.   It's a Friday afternoon.  Steve doesn't show up.  But Tiger is here as usual.  I let John pick 10 paddles.  Then Tiger and I warm him up with some hand spanking.  John is very responsive.  Then the camera times out.  And I miss the beginning sets of paddles swats.  But eventually get the camera going.  So you get to see when John is real red and sore.  But even after the 100 swats,  John decides we can "play" some more with him.  So I spank him first with the new e-stim butt plug in.  And then some more with our favorite vibrating butt plug in.  Not an experience he's used to.  Then Tiger starts grabbing some more heavy implements and "plays" some with John's red butt.  Ready to leave John decides he'll get some pay back,  and "plays" with Tiger's ass. 


Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Pantyman's back

Pantyman goes away.  Then all of a sudden he comes back.  Then he needs his ass played with totally.  Rubbed, spanked, flogged, strapped, plugged and this time rubbed with a lot of oil.  He loves it. 


Monday, January 9, 2017

Bergie bound oiled spanked edged

This may be the next step for Bill's basement.  Bergie contacted me on fetlife looking to make a visit.  He's had experience.  Wanted to be bound tightly, covered in oil, whipped and edged.  My efforts at bondage need some work.  Covering Bergie in oil was great fun.  The whipping which was mostly spanking wasn't much appreciated I think.  He was quite responsive.  I think he was enjoying the butt play, the plugs, the vibrator,  and my playing with his cock and balls.  He enjoyed that.  I did too. 


Monday, January 2, 2017

HowdyDont returns

HowdyDont is a fetlife  friend.  Visited a few months ago.  Was invited to join some others down the basement.  Was finally able to make a second visit.  Open to lots of spanking.  Takes more and more.  Pictures ok,  plugs ok.  Even told me to use the yucca stalk on him.  Maybe not the best way to start off.  But he holds up well.