Bill's Basement

Bill's Basement
The basement is in Hammond Indiana, just across the Chicago Skyway. I am not a professional dom. There is no charge for visiting my basement. This is for fun. It's a hobby.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

VirginDad all dolled up

VirginDad had told me that he was planning on visiting on Saturday.  He was planning on meeting Henry.  Henry had just been here a few days before but was planning to return Saturday to meet VirginDad.  And of course,  Steve would.  And John usually at hand.  VirginDad arrived a little late all dressed up and made to entertain my guests.  Well, John was here.  But no Henry and no Steve.  I'm sure VirginDad was disappointed.  But he looked nice.  He was nicely dressed.  But I usually like my visitors undressed.  VirginDad likes taking pictures. What to do?   I decide we'll take pictures of him in interesting positions as we gradually undress him.  And then of course, I beat his ass.  Ass looks good.

HowdyDont stops by

HowdyDont's a fetlife friend from way back.  Busy guy not much time for visits.  But once in while he'll let me know he's in the neighborhood or passing through the neighborhood.  Needs his ass dealt with.  Looking for new toys to play.  I let him pick.  He was sorry.  But he handles it hard.  And then wants a real school boy punishment: paddled, stand against the wall and then a nice over the knee.  He's butt was rosy.

Dealing with the naughty Friday boys

Steve and Tiger have been visiting the basement together Friday afternoons for years.  They think they own the place.  There are rules in the basement.  But they don't pay attention.  They're going to do it their way.  So with John's assistance Steve is paddled and strapped.  Then Tiger is paddled and strapped.  Add a lot of baby oil and  Steve mounts Tiger.  And you know what he gets. 

The PainSlut a challenge for Bill

The PainSlut is a fetlife connection.  Apparently reconnecting after losing his old profile.  Lives a distance way down the Interstate.  Says he wants his pain limits challenged and the basement seemed like the place to do it.  Really like e-stim.  Arrives as planned.  Willing to let me abuse him however I please.  Has had lots of experience.  Lots of humor.  Think I can get him to the point where he's not enjoying himself?   I paddle him hard.  Get some response.  I flog him hard.  Get more response.  E-stim.  He's not impressed.  Maybe I need new batteries.  Roll him over on the table and give him a challenge that get him saying enough. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Wednesday with Henry

Henry has visited the basement several times.  Steve has been to the basement thousands of times.   They've been communicating on Fetlife.  Enjoy watching each other.  Want to meet each other.  Steve sets the time.  Henry arrives.  John is around.  And it's a party really.  I do they seem to be having so much fun while I beat their asses so mercilessly.  Not really.  But pretty hard.  Pretty panties and pretty positions.  It's all for fun. 

How'd the TX/MOboi find me?

The TX/MOboi traveled a long way up the Interstate to get to the basement.  A lot farther than he originally planned.  But he'd seen the videos and pictures and decided meeting Bill in the basement was what he wanted to do.  He got some spanking and some flogging and I hung him up and tortured him good.  And there was a happy ending.

Welcoming the boilermaker

The boilermaker is a recon recruit.  NW IN boy.  Willing to try it all.  He got a lot.  Took a lot.  Maybe not all.  Could get him for another visit.  But we had a happy ending.